Have you considered pruning your trees? You might think that it’s a good idea to do it. There are a lot of good reasons that you want to prune your trees, some of them to help protect your family and property, others to make your property look better.

Below are 10 reasons that it’s a good idea to prune your shrubs and your trees.

  • Vigor – When you prune a shoot that is growing it’s going to stimulate the production of new growth. Therefore, if you want some new growth on one of your shrubs, you should prune it a lot. Think about this kind of pruning if you have a shrub with a weak growth section like the back. When you’re pinching back some new growth using your fingers, you are pruning.
  • Shape – The plants which have grown so they’re not in balance with the plant’s growing pattern, like having awkward or stray branches and also the yard are all able to be reshaped with pruning. Shape – Plants that have grown out.
  • Restrict the Size of a Plant – This is particularly important if you’re living in a place that has restricted space. The gardeners that live in suburban or urban areas will often need to do some pruning so that shrubs and trees are kept from outgrowing their container, garden or yard. Root-pruning is another way that you can help with restricting your plants’ sizes in containers.
  • Allow More Light in – If you yard is extremely shady or you want to have more sun that’s reaching an area beneath your tree for the lawn or other plants, carefully pruning it will help with letting in additional sunshine.
  • Structural Soundness and Health – Any injured, diseased, dead or injured branches need to be taken off for the tree’s health. When branches are rubbing together they ought to be removed so that potential damage to branches is eliminated. A lot of maintaining the tree’s structural soundness will be about using pruning practices instead of things such as topping the tree. Topping trees can cause the tree to be pest susceptible and make the tree weak. It also can cause the tree to die slowly even when it’s taking a tree years for it to die.

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  • Create Some Special Effects – Pruning to create special effects often is seen in the more formal gardens. These are things like boxwood topiaries or apple trees that were trained to be espaliers. Coppicing or pollarding techniques for pruning also may be used.
  • Encouraging Fruit and Flowering – Pruning can help with coaxing growth spurs (which produces the fruit and the flowers) to form upon the branches of the trees. Flower buds that are strong also will be encouraged to form thanks to pruning. You can prune fruit trees lightly during the summer and this is going to encourage better circulation of air around fruit. This is going to result in fewer problems with diseases of fruit and help the fruit to ripen faster.
  • Protect Property and People – Trees that were planted close to sheds, homes, play structures and other types of buildings pose potential threats to the safety of humans if the tree should fall or a heavy branch breaks. They also can interfere with power or phone lines. Properly pruning trees can help with keeping property, people and pets safe.
  • Keep Your Evergreens Proportionate – When you prune your evergreens it can help keep them under control, particularly things like boundary hedges. An evergreen will benefit from being lightly pruned since it will keep the foliage denser and therefore it’s much more attractive.
  • Improve Appearance – The top priority of a lot of gardeners when they prune their plants is to improve the plants’ garden or yard. Removing unwanted, dead branches along with suckers will create pleasing shapes and will leave the plants looking tidy and neat. A lot of gorgeous blooming shrubs like butterfly bushes are able to create gorgeous blossoms because of great techniques when it comes to pruning.

Usually pruning will be about working with the natural growth patterns of plants as they are developing along with maintaining shrub and tree species that are mature. The only true exception is when it’s being pruned for creating special effects. Generally, successfully pruning jobs are going to leave your beautifully-shaped, healthy shrubs or fruit trees looking as if they weren’t pruned at all.


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