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But do you need tree trimming or tree pruning?

It depends on the tree or shrub, the season, and who you ask. Trimming and pruning are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference - and both are necessary!

Both tree pruning and tree trimming are necessary for the health and safety of your trees.

Tree pruning occurs annually and takes place while the tree is dormant. Prior to springtime and/or the tree's blooming cycle, dead, diseased, broken, or loose branches are removed. The main goal of tree pruning is the future health of the tree - setting the tree up for the upcoming year.

Tree pruning is like an annual physical. Tree trimming is the occasional check up.

Tree trimming occurs after tree pruning and is primarily concerned with aesthetics. Tree trimming usually occurs a few times a year, depending on the tree, and focuses on the tree's shape. It is used to prevent overgrowth and maintain the tree's shape and balance. This includes removing extra branches and thinning out overgrown branches.

Tree pruning and tree trimming timetables depend on the type of tree. As a certified Arborist, we offer both pruning and trimming services, and more importantly, can help you determine which is best (and when) for your specific trees and shrubs.

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