If you live in an area where you get a lot of hurricanes or other strong storms, one thing that you want to do is think about getting your trees pruned before the hurricane season hits.

Below are three benefits of having your trees pruned before the hurricane season.


Strategically pruning your tree before a hurricane hitting will help with strengthening your tree’s overall health and improve the defenses of the tree. Trees that are professionally pruned are healthier, more stable and stronger, which makes them much better equipped to withstand the strong winds that come with a hurricane.

Not only that but when a tree’s pruned long before the hurricane season starts, the tree will have enough time for the tree to recuperate from the little wounds sustained by the pruning. When you delay having your tree pruned until the hurricane hits, your tree may be weaker and vulnerable because it can’t replenish the energy resources that have been depleted by pruning.


Another thing that pruning can do to help your tree is to reveal problems that you didn’t know about your tree. This could be things like tree stresses, which can require bracing and cabling to help the tree be stabilized. Without having the tree pruned, an owner of a commercial property or a homeowner might not know that the tree is unstable until it’s destroyed or damaged during hurricanes.

Additionally, pruning your tree also can help you find insect infestations or tree diseases which can weaken your tree and increase its likelihood to fall over when a hurricane or bad storm comes. If it’s caught in enough time, a Certified Arborist will be able to treat insect infestations and tree diseases so that your tree has a better chance to survive.

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Finally, the most obvious reason to have your tree trimmed before the next hurricane is to have damaged or broken branches and limbs removed. You might see some of them, but there could be hidden breaks because they’re up high or due to the tree’s dense foliage.

Having your tree pruned professionally will remove damaged and broken tree limbs that quickly can become dangerous or deadly objects during a bad storm. Having your tree pruned professionally can greatly reduce the chance of this happening. This can help you with keeping yourself, your family, and your property safe and undamaged.

As you can see, having your trees pruned before the strong season starts is a good idea. Not only can it protect yourself, your family and your property from damage and injury, but it also can let you know when there are problems before they become too bad.

This can make a huge difference and help you to save your tree and help it stay healthy. You never know what a good pruning will find in your tree and the problems it can help you avoid.


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