Thinking of how you can make the new year better for your home and family? What about for your trees? The trees in your yard are a big part of your life. Below are three resolutions that you should make for the new year for the trees in your yard.

Organize Your Landscape

One of the best things that you can do for the new year when it comes to your trees is to organize your landscape. Look at the landscape of your house and see what needs to be done. What kind of goals do you have for the landscape? Hiring an arborist can help with inspecting the trees for disease or damage. You can also think about expanding the landscape, removing old trees, or planting some new trees.

Help Your Trees Get Healthy

If you are looking for something that you can do to help your trees in the new year, helping them to get healthy is a good place to start. Your trees need nutrients and maintenance that is going to help them with preparing to grow through the year. A good way to start is to do dormant pruning. This will help rid the trees of their damaged branches as well as encourage their new growth. When spring time comes, you should remove the fallen twigs, garbage and leaves from the yard. This will give you space to put mulch down, which helps with maintaining the right amount of moisture in the soil and stop weeds from growing.

Help Your Trees De-Stress

You get stressed, and your trees do too. Before your trees are entering the peak season for growing, one of the best things that you can do is to apply a fertilizer that is slow-rerelease. This will help with replacing the nutrients that are lost during the winter. This is also going to help with providing resistance from stressful weather, insects and disease. For trees that are overly stressed, bracing and cabling might be needed for reducing the strain from heavy snow or high winds.


These are three things that you should resolve to do for your trees this coming year. Not only will they help your trees look their best, but they will also help them to stay healthy and continue to give you shade throughout the year. They’ll continue enriching the life of you and your family with the right care.