If you have a tree that needs to come down, one thing that you might consider doing is removing it yourself. But this is often a terrible idea.

There are a lot of dangers that associate themselves with cutting down trees or removing them. Below are seven dangers that are worth heading when taking down a tree.


When you were cutting down a tree, It’s sometimes necessary that you remove some branches first. When you’re climbing up high, one of the things that you have to worry about is falling from the height. This issue is especially true if you’re bending or you’re using a larger unwieldy tool. If you’re using a ladder, securely tie it to the tree you’re working on before you bring your tools up or you start work. If you’re working at a height that’s tall enough that you could be injured if you fell, wear a harness that you attached to a healthy, thick branch that has no signs whatsoever of cracking or rot.


Since you have to remove branches and the whole tree eventually, you’re going to risk getting hit by the trunk or the branches. Make sure that you have someone helping you bringing the branches down safely when they’re up high and remove all possible branches while standing on the ground. When you are falling a tree cut 1/3 into the trunk, so the cut’s parallel with the ground, and then cut it downward at an angle of 60° to meet the cut’s inward end. This technique is going to create a wedge. It is going to ensure that when it’s cut from the opposite side, the trees going to fall in the wedge’s direction.


A lot of trees are close to power lines, and this is going to put you in danger when you have to remove the tree. You should especially be careful when branches are going wild close to power lines or telephone poles. Get in contact with your power company beforehand to find out if your lines can be turned off, or they can be insulated using blankets. No matter what, you want to make sure you’re taking precaution so that you’re not accidentally touching one of the lines when you’re working since you can’t be certain that it’s turned off.

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Even though using a chainsaw is going to make cutting down trees a lot easier, it’s also a very dangerous tool. Make sure you’re reading the directions before using it your first time and make sure that all are in order every time before using it. Make sure you’re removing anything which could cause your chainsaw to kick back, such as rebar pieces or nails. Don’t ever cut with your chainsaw directly overhead since you won’t be able to control the movement and you don’t want the chainsaw close to your face or in a position that’s hard for you to control.


Professionals who specialize in tree care also are trained in using the equipment like cranes, wood chippers, ropes and chainsaws for safety selling and disposing of trees. They also have the protective gear that they need to wear so that they stay safe while doing it. A lot of homeowners don’t have all this equipment that they will need, and they don’t have the expertise or experience that a professional has.


A tree that is dying or dead is often decaying from its inside out. This problem makes it very unstable. A lot of times professionals will use a crane to remove this kind of deadwood. If you believe that your tree’s starting to decay, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional for removing it before it suddenly collapses.


Along with the possibility of you getting hurt from a tree falling or from a branch falling, or from you falling out of the tree, there’s always the chance that you might damage your property. If the tree falls wrong or if a branch falls uncontrollably, it could fall and cause damage to your house or a car. A professional will know how to control it so that this is rare, and they have insurance if something should happen while they are doing it.

It’s easy to see that having a professional remove your tree is a better choice than having a friend do it or doing it yourself. There are so many dangers that professionals are ready for and homeowners are not. If you have a tree that needs to come down, it’s better to have someone come out and do it for you than to take the chance of someone getting hurt or killed or damaging your property.