Have you had a tree cut down? Is the stump still there? You might think that it’s not a big deal to leave it there. But there are six good reasons why you want to have that stump removed.

1. A Stump Isn’t Pretty

When it comes to aesthetics, stumps aren’t attractive. If you want a nice looking yard, one of the things that you want to do is to remove your stump.

2. They can be Hazardous

They are dangerous to kids and pets. When they are playing and running in the yard, they probably aren’t looking for the stump. This means that they can trip over it. They also can damage the lawn mower if you hit one accidentally when you’re mowing.

3. New Trees can Grow Out of Them

Sometimes when you leave the stump behind it can mean that some new trees are growing out of it and growing around it. This can make the yard unsightly and also can be very expensive since those shoots can continue to come back. You might need to use chemicals for completely killing them off. The little trees also can leech the nutrients from the plants that are close to them. This means that your flowers aren’t going to get the nutrients needed.

4. Annoying to Go Around

When a tree stump remains, they are a nuisance and an obstacle that you have to find your way around when you’re mowing or weeding the lawn.

5. A Stump Attracts Insects

When stumps are left in the lawn, the tree is decaying, and it will take a while before it rots completely. When it’s decaying, it is going to attract bugs like ants, beetles and termites. Even though this doesn’t seem like a big problem, it can be when they move from your stump to your house.

6. They Use Up Space in the Yard

This is a problem if you don’t have a really big yard. The space you’re losing from your roots and stump takes away from the amount of space that you can enjoy. This space can be used for a table or flowerbed, or even a swing set for your kids.

As you can see, there are some good reasons why you want to have your stump removed. This will help your yard look great and it will also make it a safer and more productive place to go.