A chain saw is a very popular tool for people to use. But when you are using a chainsaw, it can be very dangerous, too, if you’re not using it properly.

Below are seven rules to follow when you are using a chainsaw to make sure that you’re staying safe.

  • Properly stand using a boxer stance. If you are right-handed, put your left foot a bit in front and at an angle of 45 degrees, with your right foot in back slightly. Your feet should be apart about the width of your shoulders with your knees bent. If you’re left handed, reverse it.
  • Make sure both hands are kept on the saw. Don’t ever remove your eyes from your bar while you’re cutting.
  • Plan the cut so you’ll know exactly where your saw’s bar’s going to exit your log. Remember, it’s not where you’re starting your cut that is going to count, it’s where you’re finishing it. This means you don’t want to go right through your log so it goes through to the opposite side and hits your foot or leg.

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  • Don’t let the pull of the saw catch you by surprise. When you’re cutting on the bar’s bottom, you’re going to be pulled towards log, cutting on the bar’s top is going to push you away.
  • Be aware of the nasty kickback zone. You should never dig your bar into this zone.
  • Be smart when choosing your chainsaw. Unless you have had formal training in using a chainsaw, you should buy a chain saw with reduced kickback. This is going to cut slower, but it also is going to be a lot safer.
  • Make sure you’re wearing the right type of safety gear. This includes things like protection for your eyes and ears, gloves, boots and chaps.

These are seven rules that you should use to keep yourself safe when you’re using a chain saw. Remember that you can seriously get injured while using one, so be careful and protect yourself and those around you.


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