If you have trees on your property, you may wonder if one or more of your trees should be removed. Sometimes the answer can be obvious. Other times, not so much.

We’re going to discuss both the obvious and not so obvious reasons why it may be time for you to remove a tree.


  • Tree has died – When your tree has died, it’s a good indication that you should remove it.
  • The tree is sick – Look at your tree’s top or its branches. Look for big dead branches and decay on its trunk.
  • Majorly damaged – If you have had a bad storm and the tree is badly damaged, it’s time for it to come down.
  • Too close – If you have a tree that’s too close to a building, a pool, a play structure or other items, it is probably a good idea to take it down since it can cause damage.
  • It’s causing a problem – If you have a tree that’s constantly dropping seeds, branches and sap, or it’s blocking your view and inhibiting growth, it may be time to remove it.
  • Root problems – When the tree’s roots are posing a big threat to your sidewalk, underground facilities, driveway or foundations, it’s time to have it removed.
  • Landscape renovations – If you are doing renovations to your landscape that could damage your tree it’s probably a good idea to remove it.

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  • Structural problems – If your tree has structural problems, it is an accident waiting to happen. It can pose a danger to buildings and to people.
  • Cracks – If there are cracks in the bark or in the trunk, this is another reason that you should remove a tree.
  • Too big – When a tree grows too large for the area where it is growing, it could be a danger to your house or vehicle if it falls over or if one of the branches drops off.
  • Illness or insects – If your tree has an infestation of insects or a disease that can spread to your other trees, then you want to remove the tree. Otherwise you may find that you have to remove more trees.

These are some of the reasons, both common and uncommon, that you will have to remove a tree. If a tree has problems that could make it a danger for people, your property, or other trees, it’s best to remove it.


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