What Are Some Tips For Tree Trimming?

Why should I trim my trees?

Health: Tree trimming is typically done to remove the dying parts of the tree to ensure the tree can continue to grow. If the area is dense, it also allows for the plants below to get more sunlight, which will help the area around the tree grow better.

Aesthetics: Trimming can also be used to enhance the beauty of the tree. If there are unruly limbs or dying parts of the tree, it is best to remove them to improve the aesthetic.

Safety: Trimming is also done to improve the safety of the people and property around the tree. If there are areas on the tree that are dying, those limbs can become huge safety risks during storms. They can easily detach from the tree and hit your home, car, or even cause bodily harm.

How To – Tips For Tree Trimming

The most important tips for tree trimming, is to make sure you are only cutting branch tissue, not stem tissue. You can ensure you’re only cutting branch tissue by making sure you only cut at or past the node of the branch. The node is the area where the branch originates or starts forming on the stem or trunk of the tree. The node should be visible on the tree. It can be difficult to determine where the node of the tree begins, so if you’re unsure, hire a local arborist to help!

You may need the following tools before you begin:

  • Safety glasses (highly recommended!)
  • Hand pruners or hand shears: Large scissor-like tools that can cut branches up to 2 inches thick.
  • Lopper: These are the stronger and larger version of hand shears and are used to cut larger branches.
  • Pole Pruner: These are used to cut branches that are over your head and can’t be reached with a hand shear or lopper. Some have poles that reach as high as 30 feet.
  • Hand saw: These come in handy for branches 5 inches thick or more.

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Dangers of trimming your own trees

Trimming your own trees can be very unsafe. Depending on the size of the tree you may need to be many feet above the air, using very sharp tools to remove branches or areas of the tree. If you’re not used to this, it can be very unsafe.

It can also be unsafe for the surrounding people and property. It can be hard to plan the trajectory of a falling branch or part of a tree and the dead or dying area might fall in an unwanted direction.

It also may cause harm to the tree. Not only would it be sad to lose a tree on your property, but a dying tree creates more risk for you and your property. If the tree dies, it may have to be removed altogether to prevent it from falling on the people and property surrounding it.

How to keep you and your trees healthy

If you’re interested in keeping you and your trees healthy, the best option is to hire Nick Mayl at Florida Tree, your local arborist. He will be able to treat your trees with the utmost care and ensure they have a long lifespan. It will also protect you and your home from injury during the tree trimming process and after. We hope you enjoyed these tips for tree trimming. We look forward to working with you to keep you and your family safe.