Hello my name is Nick Mayl, the proud owner of Florida Tree & Ground Maintenance Inc., a high output tree maintenance company that specializes in tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, tree planting and more!

Florida Tree & Ground Maintenance

We have been serving Charlotte County, Florida and the surrounding areas tree maintenance needs for over 20 years. We offer everything that our current and potential clients may need to maintain, manage and grow healthy trees.

These services begin with Hazardous Tree Removal and extend to your simplest shrub, or plant removal. In our line of work there are many other companies who offer emergency tree removal, stump removal/grinding.

I forgot to mention, we don’t leave excess mulch from the grinding behind, we leave the ground level. Instead of taking all the valuable hardwoods to the dump, we have decided to process and season your oaks, maples and Australian pines. This wood is ready for the fireplace. Delivery and stacking is no problem for our personnel.

As a tree maintenance business, we offer tree trimming of all types including, but not limited to; fruit trees, canopy elevation, thinning, dead wooding, topping, side trimming, and palm maintenance to satisfy the requests of our valued clients.

Landscape design and installation of large and small trees comes natural, we also plant any type of small hedges and shrubs! In addition to the previously mentioned we also offer advice on what landscape will tolerate your little ecosystem to prevent replacement of burnt or frozen landscape every year.

Our sod division also installs a diversity of turf grasses at the highest quality to satisfy each individuals preference in landscape design including Bahia sod for the lower maintenance needs. Commercial and residential lawn service has been a steady growing part of our corporation for the past three years. Plant bed maintenance plays a large part in the aesthetics of manicured yards, which most of the time is neglected.

The scope of our services go well beyond the broad spectrum of services mentioned above and if your interest of services was not inferred above, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone on our contact page. We will go out on a limb for you!


Nick Mayl
Florida Tree & Ground Maintenance Inc.