Sarasota Tree Services: Trimming, Pruning & Removal

We have been offering tree services in Sarasota Florida for over 20 years now.

We know this area very well and that is essential in the tree service industry. There are many variables that go into tree servicing, so knowing the area that you are working in is very important. We offer everything that you'll need to maintain, manage and grow healthy trees.

We have a wide range of tree services that can be very beneficial to you and your property in Manatee and Sarasota County, Florida. Our staff and experienced arborists is what separates us from our competitors.

From tree trimming, stump grinding, and emergency tree removal, we have established ourselves as the tree service company to go throughout Sarasota. Our tree services are unmatched, and we know what your property needs to strive.

Sarasota Landscaping Services

  • Sarasota Emergency Tree Removal – We work with our clients, throughout Sarasota, to save them the time, money and hassle of dealing with a dead, leaning or fallen tree at the last minute.
  • Sarasota Stump Grinding – Tree stump grinding beautifies your lawn, makes your landscape safer and frees up area for other plants or area use.
  • Sarasota Residential Mowing – We know that every property is different, that is why we develop customized programs to fit each property's specific needs, aesthetic goals and budget.
  • Sarasota Commercial Mowing – Over that time we have earned a reputation for being a leader in the commercial landscaping and mowing market because of our commitment to excellence.
  • Sarasota Firewood – We provide Sarasota residents clean burning firewood. We deliver clean, well-seasoned firewood and will provide you with a window for delivery.
  • Sarasota Debris Removal – Florida Tree & Ground is your source for bobcat land grading, trash hauling and landscaping work. We are experienced in both Residential and Commercial Landscape Grading and Trash Hauling.

Serving the Sarasota Florida Area

We offer many more tree services than this for Sarasota, but these are some of our most common tree services. If you have any questions about how we can make your Sarasota property look its best, contact us today. We care about your property as much as you do, we want it to look its best and be healthy.

Licensed & Insured Sarasota Tree Company

Regardless of what you need, you can count on Florida Tree & Ground Tree Service. We are the premier tree service company in Sarasota, FL. Whether you are looking for tree trimming, pruning, tree removal, or landscaping services in Sarasota, Florida Tree & Ground can provide it for you.