8 Ways To Identifying Lightning Strikes on Trees

Identifying Lightning Strikes on Trees and Navigating Aftermath Nature’s awe-inspiring display of power often includes the breathtaking beauty of lightning dancing across the sky. Yet, this captivating force can also unleash lightning strikes on trees, leaving behind evidence of its impact. Identifying lightning strikes on trees is a complex endeavor that requires keen observation and […]

Forestry Mulching in Florida – Cultivating Sustainable Land Management

The Sunshine State of Florida, with its diverse ecosystems ranging from lush forests to sprawling wetlands, is home to a unique set of challenges and opportunities in land management. One innovative technique that has gained prominence in recent years is forestry mulching – a land-clearing and vegetation management method that offers a range of benefits […]

Hazardous Trees – Identifying and Professionally Removing

The trees on your property are not only beautiful additions to your landscape but also integral parts of the ecosystem. However, as guardians of your outdoor haven, it’s crucial to recognize and address the potential risks posed by hazardous trees. These trees, compromised by disease, damage, or structural issues, can pose threats to your safety, […]

4 Deadly Tree Diseases in Florida

Understanding tree diseases in Florida is important. Your trees are a vital part of your landscape and keeping them healthy should be at the forefront of your mind. Not only is having healthy trees something that’s aesthetically important, but they also need to stay structurally sound! If those trees get sick and lose their strength, […]

Live Edge Tables: The Perfect Blend of Nature and Design

Live edge tables are a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners who want to add a touch of nature and elegance to their living spaces. These tables are made from natural wood slabs with the live edge, or natural edge, of the wood left intact, providing a beautiful contrast between the organic and the […]

7 Reasons When I Should Cut Down My Tree?

How do you know when its time to cut down my tree. Trees can be a beautiful part of any home’s landscaping. They provide shade, variety in plant life, the potential for fun, etc. However, there may come a day when a tree has to go. It may be for a change in landscaping, or […]

You Can Legally and Safely Trim Mangroves – But Should You?

Many of the coastal areas in Florida are filled with mangroves, which are gorgeously complicated-looking trees. A lot of people who live in those areas may want to trim mangroves to improve their view of the coast, but this comes with some risks to the mangrove trees. If you’re interested in learning about how to […]

3 Keys to Understanding a Tree Stump Grinder

A tree stump grinder is just about a necessity when you don’t want to kill your back. When you’re trying to remove a stump by yourself, it can be hard to imagine the process. Even when you hire someone to help, it’s tough to know how much time and money you’ll spend on this project. […]

Why Do Trees Blow Over? 3 Tips to Prevent

Why do trees blow over when storms roll through here in southwest Florida. Other damages can include area flooding, downed electrical lines, etc. The worst of them (and actually the cause of some power outages) is when trees topple over. We have seen root system pull up and break water services to homes and irrigation […]

Tree Care Guide – Part 1 After a Hurricane

This tree care guide will help especially with so many hurricanes happening in Florida, a lot of people have found that their trees have suffered major damage. If you have had problems with trees being damaged in a hurricane, below are some tips that you can use to help your trees and your landscape get […]

6 Reasons to Quickly Remove a Tree Stump

How do you remove a tree stump when you had to cut down a tree after the hurricane? Have you thought about how to remove a stump? If you had to cut down trees you know how difficult it can be to try and remove the stumps on your own. So you might think that […]

14 Beautiful Florida Oak Trees

14 Florida Oak Trees Florida oak trees are some of the most beautiful trees in the world. Oaks are characteristically large and wide, with thick solid trunks covered in acorns, oblong leaves, and graying bark. There are many different types of Florida oak trees; about 19 are native to the area. Different species of oak […]

8 Damaging Florida Invasive Trees

8 Florida Invasive Trees Florida invasive trees can damage native trees and plants. Especially since Florida has such a rich ecosystem of plants. Unfortunately, Florida is also an area with an increasing number of invasive plant life. Florida invasive trees and plants can affect the health of entire forests and ecosystems, increase costs to manage […]

7 Reasons Why My Trees Look Bad

Why do my trees look bad? Trees are living, breathing things just like you and me. They can get diseases or injure areas of their body, and they have unique ways of telling us they need help. It can be hard to spot the signs of disease in a tree. So, if your trees look […]

Best Way How To Dry Firewood

How To Dry Firewood Why does dry firewood matter? Wood that hasn’t been dried ultimately produces less heat and more smoke than dried wood. Also, depending on how green or moist the wood is, it may be difficult to ignite it. It is best to have firewood that has less than 20-25% moisture content. That’s […]

The Spotted Lanternfly Infestation

An Arborist Shares What You Need to Know The spotted lanternfly infestation is wreaking havoc in the United States. This invasive insect species was first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014, and has been spreading rapidly ever since. The lanternfly is a serious pest that causes major damage to crops and trees. If you live in […]

4 Free Tips For Tree Trimming

What Are Some Tips For Tree Trimming? Why should I trim my trees? Health: Tree trimming is typically done to remove the dying parts of the tree to ensure the tree can continue to grow. If the area is dense, it also allows for the plants below to get more sunlight, which will help the […]

Here is Your Tree Trimming Guide

If you have a home, chances are that you have at least one tree on your property. Trees can provide shade, beauty, and fruit, based on the type of tree that you have. But sometimes they need to be pruned and trimmed. It’s important to note that there are right and wrong ways to trim […]

Reasons That A Tree Should Be Removed

If you have trees on your property, you may wonder if one or more of your trees should be removed. Sometimes the answer can be obvious. Other times, not so much. We’re going to discuss both the obvious and not so obvious reasons why it may be time for you to remove a tree. OBVIOUS […]

How To Remove Unwanted Trees From Your Property

When you have a tree that you want to remove, it’s a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Trees that are dying or dead ought to be removed because of aesthetic, safety, and health purposes. But there are also times when you should remove a live tree. These are when they’re interfering with buildings, […]

Pruning and Trimming Tree Guide

If you own your home or a business, chances are that you have at least one tree on your piece of land. Trees give us shade, they can give us fruit based on the type of tree that you have, and they can be a joy to look at. But sometimes it becomes necessary to […]

How To Transplant Trees or Shrubs

A lot of times you love where your trees are, and you leave them there for the rest of their lives. But sometimes you have to transplant a tree that is already established. Transplanting a mature shrub or tree can be done even though it’s not as easy as when you plant a new one. […]

How To Use A Chainsaw Safely

A chain saw is a very popular tool for people to use. But when you are using a chainsaw, it can be very dangerous, too, if you’re not using it properly. Below are seven rules to follow when you are using a chainsaw to make sure that you’re staying safe. Properly stand using a boxer […]

A Guide To Pruning Fruit Trees

If you grow fruit trees, whether you grow just a couple or you have an orchard, you want to know how to take good care of them. One way to do this is through pruning them. Below we have provided you with a guide to pruning your fruit trees to get the best yield and […]

Is Your Tree A Danger To You?

One of the biggest problems with trees each year is when the tree or branch falls. This can lead to damage to your house, car or other things and it even can cause major injuries and sometimes even death. Some people are afraid of this happening and they think about having the trees removed from […]

10 Reasons To Prune Your Shrubs And Trees

Have you considered pruning your trees? You might think that it’s a good idea to do it. There are a lot of good reasons that you want to prune your trees, some of them to help protect your family and property, others to make your property look better. Below are 10 reasons that it’s a […]

5 Facts About Mangrove Trees

If you have been to Florida, chances are that you have heard of mangrove trees but you may not know a lot about these types of trees. Below are five facts about mangrove trees that are both educational and interesting. 1. SPECIES OF MANGROVE There are more than 50 mangrove species cross the world. In […]

5 Tips For Chainsaw Maintenance

If you have a chainsaw, you know that it can be very helpful around the house. But in order to keep it in good working order, there are things that you should do to make sure that your chainsaw is ready to go when you need to use it. Below are five maintenance tips that […]

How Often Should You Mow Your Florida Lawn?

When you own a home, one thing that you want to do is to make sure you are caring for your lawn and mowing it frequently and properly. It will help your home look great, it is good for your neighborhood’s property value, and it’s nice to view and enjoy. If you have recently moved […]

4 Reasons To Regularly Mow Lawn

For a lot of people, mowing the lawn seems like a big chore that they find annoying. But the truth is that there are many benefits to mowing your lawn regularly. Below are four reasons why you should regularly cut your grass. STRONGER GRASS One of the best reasons to have your lawn mown regularly […]

6 Dangers of Cutting Down a Tree

If you have a tree that needs to come down, one thing that you might consider doing is removing it yourself. But this is often a terrible idea. There are a lot of dangers that associate themselves with cutting down trees or removing them. Below are seven dangers that are worth heading when taking down […]

3 Benefits of Pruning Your Trees Prior To Hurricane Season

If you live in an area where you get a lot of hurricanes or other strong storms, one thing that you want to do is think about getting your trees pruned before the hurricane season hits. Below are three benefits of having your trees pruned before the hurricane season. 1. THE TREE’S HEALTH WILL BE […]

3 Methods For Removing A Palm Tree

If you have a palm tree, one of the things that you might need to do is to have the tree removed. There are several ways that you can do this. Below are three methods that you can use for removing a palm tree and the steps that are involved. HAVING A COMPANY REMOVE IT […]

3 New Years Resolutions You Should Make For Your Trees

Thinking of how you can make the new year better for your home and family? What about for your trees? The trees in your yard are a big part of your life. Below are three resolutions that you should make for the new year for the trees in your yard. ORGANIZE YOUR LANDSCAPE One of the […]

Benefits of Tree Pruning In Southwest Florida

Do you have trees on your Southwest Florida property? Are they growing out of control? Are you thinking about pruning your trees, but unsure of where to start? Despite the many benefits of tree pruning, some homeowners put this off year after year. If you’re ready to take action, but still have questions about the […]